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Pear’s may be apples ugly cousin, but that’s not to say its benefits are inferior. Let's take a look: 

First off, being an excellent source of fibre means your weight loss goals are supported, and your digestive system is working on point! (Gunnars, 2017). This also makes pears an excellent detox fruit. While 96 calories per cup isn’t devastating, you probably don’t want to overeat pear, 1 or 2 a day is plenty in combination with other fruits. 

The high antioxidant density in pears helps to eliminate those nasty free radicals from your body that can mutate healthy DNA cells into cancerous cells (Organic Facts, 2017).  


What about the vitamins and minerals profile? Check it out below: 

Amounts Per Selected Serving %DV 
Vitamin A3 4.0IU 1% 
Vitamin C 6.2mg 10% 
Vitamin D 0 
Vitamin E (Alpha Tocopherol) 0.2mg 1% 
Vitamin K 6.7mcg 8% 
Thiamin 0.0mg 1% 
Riboflavin 0.0mg 2% 
Niacin 0.2mg 1% 
Vitamin B 60.0mg 2% 
Folate 10.4mcg 3% 
Vitamin B 120.0mcg 0% 
Pantothenic Acid 0.1mg 1% 
Choline 7.5mg  
Betaine 0.3mg 
Amounts Per Selected Serving %DV 
Calcium 13.3mg 1% 
Iron 0.3mg 1% 
Magnesium 10.4mg 3% 
Phosphorus 16.3mg 2% 
Potassium 176mg 5% 
Sodium 1.5mg 0% 
Zinc 0.1mg 1% 
Copper 0.1mg 6% 
Manganese 0.1mg 4% 
Selenium 0.1mcg 0% 
Fluoride 3.3mcg 


Maybe the saying needs to be changed to ‘a pear a day keeps the doctor away!’ 

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