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 So Lee what inspired you first to start up a health and fitness blog?

 After being diagnosed with an autoimmune disease and fibromyalgia a few years ago, I dived head-first into the health world to support my body through food and nutrition. I was then inspired to start my blog to help others do the same. I began to document my process, discoveries and delicious recipes in the hope of connecting with and helping others who had similar experiences with their health.
My blog and Instagram are a platform to help people understand their bodies and health in an easy and digestible way… and trust me, the recipes are very digestible. I also have created a Love Your Gut powder and Golden Gut Blend which are tasty and great for gut health.


 Who or what was your motivation when you first began your journey to better health?
While I was prescribed a cocktail of drugs and antibiotics to help my symptoms, I knew that the real change in my health could only come from me. This sparked my interest in all things wellbeing, gut, and nutrition. I was inspired to improve my health by focusing on what I fuel it with on a daily basis, rather than focussing on the aftermath through antibiotics and medication.

What are some essential characteristics someone needs to be able to change their lifestyle?
Just by changing the way that you look and feel about food, you can transform your whole wellbeing. I recommend doing this by focusing on your gut health. The gut controls how you digest food and absorb nutrients. It can also help protect your body from the invasion of harmful bacteria that can cause a whole myriad of diseases and conditions. There’s also a strong link between the gut and your immune system, brain function, and hormones! Looking after the gut brings benefit to the whole body and so, can help change your whole lifestyle.
Why would you choose to go organic over non-organic products?
While non-organic products may be cheaper than their organic counterparts, non-organic farmers often use chemical fertilizers for growth, spray insecticides on produce to reduce pests and give animals antibiotics and growth hormones to increase their growth. Not so fun.

On the flip side, organic farmers rotate their crops instead of utilizing chemical fertilizers to manage weeds, apply natural fertilizers, feed animal’s organic foods and enable animals access to the outdoors.

Organic products aren’t necessarily more nutritious than non-organic foods, but some people say they can taste the difference. In general, organic products are better for the environment and help reduce pollution too. However, not every product you buy needs to be organic. If you’re thinking about going organic, I recommend buying meat, fish, apples, cucumbers, tomatoes, grapes and potatoes organic as they’re often made with heavy pesticides. If you’re making the swap to organic, go easy on yourself (and your bank account); just take it one shop at a time.

What is the best advice you could give someone when they’re first starting on their health journey?
Keep it simple! Don’t take on every health tip you read. Please don’t get caught up in all the health news; you don’t need every superfood on the planet to make you healthy! Just focus on real foods and use your own gut instinct. Steer clear of packaged and processed foods. Just by cutting down on these, your ability to tune into your body’s needs will dramatically improve. Stick to natural and whole foods and declutter your life from too many artificial - foods, beauty products, work, and relationships.

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