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"Thoughts become things."

Kia Green

  • They're usually brought up by something you dislike. e.g., Thinking about your weight 



  • Surround yourself with people that are on the same path as yourself
  • Follow people on your social media that inspire you

Note: This is the training wheel process. Your inspirations will help you build up your confidence



  • Be in control of your actions 
  • You cant blame everyone else for things that are happening to you



  • This inst just about the food or drinks, it's also the information you consume 
  • Consume works hand in hand with Inspiration.
  • Knowing what you're consuming into thoughts and feelings from the people around you and the ones you inspire is extremely important.
  • *Food and diet* If you're not getting the proper nutrients you need, you'll have problems with getting and maintaining energy which will lead you not to put 100% into your day


'The Hype Problem'

  • People tend to see a problem and make it bigger than what it is.

E.g., Imagine if there is a 20kg box in front of you. You try to move it, but it's too heavy. Most people tend just to give up.

What you need to do is take the smaller items outside of the box and break it down, so it's not as hard to move. Breaking the problem into more trivial issues that are easier to solve and doesn't seem like such much as a big deal as it is. 

Hence the name " Hype Problem"  you build something up in your head and realize that it wasn't such a big problem.


The small Change

  • After unpacking the big problem or goal into smaller ones, you can now start to make those more modest changes, like swapping out fried chips for salad, or swapping a chocolate bar for a banana or even swapping out your glass of wine before bed for a glass of Santea Sleep Tea.

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