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At 65 calories per cup, apples are a must when trying to maintain a healthy diet. This powerhouse fruit has been proven to assist in keeping Alzheimer’s away (Carper, 2011). Apples are also great for your teeth! They remove stains, help with bad breath. So they also keep the dentist away! (Bura, 2011). Some other benefits include a decreased risk of diabetes, reduced cholesterol (resulting in lower risk of cardiovascular problems), and helps with relieving asthma (Bowden, 2017). Among these benefits, we round out the list with preventing gallstones, boosting your immune system, reduced risk of lung and bladder cancer, and detoxifying your liver (Dals-Pawlicki, 2016)

Below is a list of the different vitamins and minerals you’ll find in apples:


So eating an apple every day can make you wiser, alert, prevent skin wrinkling and skin damage also helps you to remain forever young and vibrant. What are you waiting for?


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