"Russian Twist" with Alexandra


Russian Twist

Target area: Abdominal   Level: Beginner-Intermediate 
Correct staring posture
  1. Sit up straight on a flat surface that’s comfortable and stable. E.g. (Floor, Workout bench).
  2. Placing your feet either on something that will not move or raise them just off the ground with a slight bend in your knees.
  3. Lower your upper body back that creating a V-shape with your thighs. Your arms should have a slight bend in your elbows. 
Santea Russian Twist
  1. Twist your torso to the right side until your forearm is parallel the floor while breathing out.
Santea Russian Twist 2
  1. Hold the exercise for a second and move back to the starting position while breathing out.
  1. Now move to the opposite side performing the same techniques you applied to the right side.
Santea Russian Twist 3
  1. Repeat for the recommended amount of repetitions.
Do's and Don'ts
  • Slow and Controlled Movements
  • Only use weight that is comfortable
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