Barbell Squat with Alexandra | Santea


Barbell Squat

Target Area: Hamstrings, Glutes, Core   Level: Intermediate-Advanced 

Setting Up

  1. Ensure the bar is set under shoulder height so its easier to re-rack the weight
  2. Set safety racks to correct height 

Squat | Santea

Correct Posture

  1. Make sure that the bar is placed evenly across your back
  2. Your foot placement should be roughly hip width apart 

Squat | Santea


  1. Remember to keep your shoulders back and take a deep breath in before each rep
  2. Keeping your spine in "Neutral Position" as you drop down for the squat
  3. Knee's should stop just over your toes as you squat
  4. Slow and controlled movements
  5. Make sure to squeeze your hamstring and gluts as you push up from the squat position

Squat | Santea

Squat | Santea

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